Dreaming about house plans

After Wednesday's Powerball drawing with someone else winning the 750 million jackpot, and I having only one of the numbers, the reason we'll never win such a huge amount of money dawned on me; we are filled with common sense, and sometimes frugality, in regards to spending money.  If we would come into such a … Continue reading Dreaming about house plans


My Love of Lists

I love Lists for several reasons: -They're to the point -Allows me to not forget -Keeps me organized and focused -A great feeling of accomplishment as I cross off each item -I feel like a kid again -Wraps me up in comfort -A wonderful reason to use pen & paper -I keep my penmanship skills sharp (I … Continue reading My Love of Lists

Ever evolving

After 18 months of not posting, or even looking at my blog, I began to post again in February this year.  I had felt that I was trapped in the 'photo blog' which I had created and since I wasn't doing much photography there was no reason to post anything to this blog. I am an … Continue reading Ever evolving