My Love of Lists

I love Lists for several reasons:

-They’re to the point

-Allows me to not forget

-Keeps me organized and focused

-A great feeling of accomplishment as I cross off each item

-I feel like a kid again

-Wraps me up in comfort

-A wonderful reason to use pen & paper

-I keep my penmanship skills sharp (I really have begun to detest this rapidly growing electronic-dependent world which deters people from using penmanship and even denying children the right to learn it in school!)

What perfect timing!  As I was creating the list to write this post to this week’s Discover Challenge I wandered over to the Farmer’s Almanac website and saw their 2016-2017 Winter forecast.  According to their predictions it seems like winter, in its true form, will return to the Northeast and Mid Atlantic.  As has been my custom for the last several years, prior to winter, I have created a list of items which I plan to stock-up on to keep in my home during the long winter months (even if their ‘snowmageddon’ predictions aren’t too accurate).  This alleviates the need for me to go as often to the store when the cold snowy weather does settle in.


a) no longer enjoy going out of the house when it’s extremely cold and snowy

b) dislike going to the store and waiting in long lines when the local weather forecast is telling us that snow is coming

c) do not like to go out to heavily populated public places, as often as I typically do, when the cold and flu season is in full swing

(look there~I created another list)

Here’s a little peak into a list which I’ve just created and will most definitely tweak as we get closer to the season and as I purchase items to stock up.


As you can see from the top of the list the cat food is the most important item!

What’s on your list?


Overwhelmed by blank pages

Blank pieces of paper are so full of promise.

So much space to write thoughts, ideas.

To draw or doodle something unique.

Yet quite overwhelming too!

I love the look of empty clean pieces of paper and the possibilities are endless

to what will be written or drawn.

And yet I am often overwhelmed with all of that blank space.

Like now.

I want to write but nothing seems to be flowing from the deep recesses of the brain.  I’m been able to pick up the camera again and find some things to share with you though.

It seems that many times I am better at showing you something versus describing in great detail through writing.  I love details but they aren’t often something which I can explain easily.

I hope you understand and will bear with me as I trudge through the empty corridors of my brain searching for something else to write.

There must be a file cabinet somewhere in there which holds the words which I am seeking…

Ever evolving

After 18 months of not posting, or even looking at my blog, I began to post again in February this year.  I had felt that I was trapped in the ‘photo blog’ which I had created and since I wasn’t doing much photography there was no reason to post anything to this blog.

I am an ever evolving individual who is learning more about herself with each passing year.  As my last few posts have shown, I am going to expand on my blog beyond photography and you will notice a change in appearance and content.  I still love photography but my interest has waned somewhat in the past few years.  As I stand behind the lens to capture events or beauty of nature, it seems like I am watching an an onlooker and not a participant.  I have often gotten upset because I am not in many photos because I am the photographer taking everyone else’s photo ‘in the moment.’  I want to enjoy the moments more and let them graft a snapshot of the experience on my memory.

To be truthful, when I would go places and drag my Canon along I always felt a heavy pressure on my shoulders to capture so many wonderful images (and was the one putting that pressure on myself).  When I would return home all I had were the photos of the day and my memories of the moments were not there in my mind and I could only look through the images and try to recall what I experienced as I was standing behind the lens in that brief time period.     I don’t want to continue to have that feeling.  Now when I go somewhere the Canon stays home more, I enjoy the adventures more and I have more memories of experiences imprinted in my mind.  As I am not a professional photographer and no one is seeking to purchase my images I don’t need to have that pressure which I created for myself.  It is time to let it go.

I am more than a photographer; I am still a creative individual who wants to express herself.  But I want to go beyond photography by enjoying and sharing my knitting, crochet, cooking and baking.  I also enjoy re-purposing items which I already own and using up the things which are here in my home now.  I’m trying to reduce or eliminate the things which I bring into my life.  After all, in the end it doesn’t go along with me to Heaven.  And with less clutter and things in my home, as I’ve been working on for over a year now, I am feeling happier and healthier then before.

I want to share tips and ideas with you and if it helps even one individual, I will be pleased.

I have found that even the act of writing my posts on paper is becoming therapeutic to me even if they don’t make it onto the computer screen.  So, even though I am not an acclaimed writer I want to continue to put pen to paper and words on my little home on the web.  And right now, words and ideas are constantly swirling in my brain and begging to be written!

I hope you will stick with me as I travel down this ever changing and evolving road as I learn more things about myself and share them with you.