Picture Perfect Morning

Need I say more?


So. Much. Yarn. = One-of-a-kind Magic Balls

So. much. yarn.

I have a huge yarn stash.  It is wonderful to have so much at the ready for a project but there always seems to be a particular yarn which I’m needing/wanting so I buy more which leads to so. much. more. yarn.

The best thing about having so much yarn is that I can create the best skeins of all.

One-of-a-kind magic balls.

The exciting thing about these is that there will be so much color intertwined together and no one else will have the exact same skeins as I.

I recently took a bin full of yarn remnants, much of which had been remains of my Mother’s skeins, and put together some huge magic balls of yarn.

This isn’t even all of the skeins but it gives you an idea of some of the colors and sizes of yarn skeins which became my one-of-a-kind magic balls.

This is what I have created thus far.  It is hard to determine from the photo but the skeins are rather large.

One thing I know for sure: they will become a warm, fuzzy and quite colorful blanket which will be like no other to be found, either by crochet or knitting.  I haven’t determined which method or even the pattern.  I’m entertaining some ideas of patterns to use, including the simple pattern for the knit blanket which I made last year which used quite a bit of yarn (although not as much yarn as I expected/wanted to use).  I’m anxious to see what the finished project will look like.  It will be an amazing array of colors including many of the yarns which were my Mother’s and there certainly won’t be another blanket like it.

Have you made magic balls?  If so, what one-of-a-kind projects did you create with them?

I’m looking for various stash-busting knit and crochet patterns and have been looking through Ravelry.com for more ideas.

Stay tuned to see what my final project will look like…


Spring Mandala

My newest hobby is crochet.

I love creating things which are unique and made especially the way I like them.

This Mandala is no exception to that rule.  I want to frame this and hang it on a wall along side of my photography.

You may tweak this pattern to make you happy, as I have.  Choose any hook, yarn and colors to suit your style or make your heart happy!

(I think it would look great made in the ‘Cool Breeze Ombre’ color of Sugar ‘n Cream and hung in a kitchen; don’t you?!


Spring Mandala

Spring Mandala

Abbreviations for crochet:

ss-slip stitch

sc-single crochet

dc-double crochet

tr-treble crochet




I used the following to create mine:

“H” crochet hook

1 2oz. skein Lily Sugar ‘n Cream “Country Side Ombre” (with some leftover to use for another project!)

Ch 5, sl to join into a ring (make more ch if you want a bigger hole in the center)

Round 1: Ch 3 (counts as first dc throughout), 11 dc into the ring, ss to the top of beginning ch3 (12 dc)

Round 2: Ch 3, dc in the st at the base of the ch, 2 dc in each st around, ss to the top of the beginning ch 3 (24 dc)

Round 3: Ch 3, dc in the st at the base of the ch, ch 1, 2 dc in the same st, ch 2, skip the next st, *2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc in the same st, ch 2, skip the next stitch,* continue * all the way around, ss to the top of beginning ch 3 (12 sets of 4 dc, 12 ch 2 sp)

Round 4: Ch 3 (first dc), *ch 10, dc in the next sp between the 4 dc groups,* continue * all the way around, ss to the first dc.

Round 5: Ch 4 (counts as first tr), 5 tr in the same ch-10 space, ch 1, *6 tr in the next ch-10 sp, ch 1,* continue * all the way around, ss to the top of the beginning ch 4 (12 6-tr groups, 12 ch 1 sp)

Round 6: Ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc, sc in ch 1 sp, *3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc, sc in ch 1 sp,* continue all the way around, ss to the top of the beginning ch 3 space (12 sets of 6 dc)

Fasten off and enjoy.

You could use as a doily or hang somewhere to brighten your wall.

an autumn preview

with the official start of autumn only two weeks away,

here is a preview of what’s to come.

autumn is one of my favorite seasons.

autumn brings such color and beauty to the northeast and those

home-made/”from-scratch” meals, sweatshirts and quilts are comforting too!

if you have an opportunity to be outside near the mountains,

make certain that you see mother nature at her finest

through the colors she provides all around us in this

upcoming season of comfort.

last trip together

in 2009, i took the last trip with my Mother to her home country.


we spent 3 weeks together with friends and family and saw many things.  many things were the first time for me and others were not.  but we did them together.

there were some rough patches along the way, but we survived until the return flight.

i am happy for that.

here is a photo taken as we departed Venezia (Venice) on the first trip there for both of us.  we did not get a gondola ride (it rained most of the time) but i have other memories to keep.

her greatest passion was traveling; especially traveling to her home.

i miss her; but will always have the photographs and the memories of our last trip together.



the love of macro

my love for macro has rapidly flourished these past 12 months.

it’s amazing the beauty that is seen in such close views of something.

sometimes i see something in the image which i hadn’t seen when looking at the object before taking the photograph.

here are just a few images in my macro collection of photography; which i adore.


many people walk around with their camera at eye level and only create pictures of views which can be seen straight-ahead.

they fail to look ‘around’ them to capture the beauty and ‘story’ of the world in which they live.

i love taking photos at different angles and levels of sight.  views straight ahead aren’t all that exist in my world.

as demonstrated from just a select few of my world views below.

will you rethink your camera views the next time you take your camera for a walk?