Would all the “stuff” just disappear?

Doesn't that sound wonderful?! I've felt a heavy burden on my body for most of my life.  I've come to realize that it mostly has been due to being surrounded by so much "stuff."  And it wasn't all of mine.  My family always held onto so much and the more acquisitions only led to more … Continue reading Would all the “stuff” just disappear?


Blogging silence…

Summer is a busy time as food begins to ripen for preservation and day trips are on the agenda.   Hope to share some more posts with you soon, as well as some photos. Spent much of today picking cherries from our trees.   (We've already made Strawberry Jam and canned it; homemade is the best!)😍

Things which comfort my ‘old soul’

My old-soul feels comforted while "wrapped up..." ...in made-from-scratch comfort foods which I made in my kitchen ...in the months from October through February ...in vintage Christmas songs ...while watching The Waltons & Charlie Brown Holiday Specials on television ...in my house watching the snow fall and wearing cozy socks ...day-dreaming of my childhood life on … Continue reading Things which comfort my ‘old soul’

Enjoying Summer

I’ve been busy just relaxing this summer and haven’t been writing or even taking many photos.  Staying in the air-conditioning is the perfect rx for this time of the year and I am looking forward to Autumn with all its colors and cooler temps.  Our garden is keeping us busy with a bounty of food … Continue reading Enjoying Summer