Overwhelmed by blank pages

Blank pieces of paper are so full of promise.

So much space to write thoughts, ideas.

To draw or doodle something unique.

Yet quite overwhelming too!

I love the look of empty clean pieces of paper and the possibilities are endless

to what will be written or drawn.

And yet I am often overwhelmed with all of that blank space.

Like now.

I want to write but nothing seems to be flowing from the deep recesses of the brain.  I’m been able to pick up the camera again and find some things to share with you though.

It seems that many times I am better at showing you something versus describing in great detail through writing.  I love details but they aren’t often something which I can explain easily.

I hope you understand and will bear with me as I trudge through the empty corridors of my brain searching for something else to write.

There must be a file cabinet somewhere in there which holds the words which I am seeking…


~Speak to me~

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