Android vs. Apple

I’ve been using cell phones since the late 1990’s when I purchased my first phone and entered into my first agreement with Cingular One.

Do you remember them?

My first cellular phone was a big clunky rectangular box with an antenna and certainly wouldn’t fit into my pants’ pockets.

I was with them as they became part of AT&T and stayed with them for several years.  Through each 2-year agreement I entered I would receive a free phone (nothing spectacular but it did the job!).  At one point I made the decision to switch to Tracfone which seemed like a good fit for me at the time but eventually I signed onto Verizon Wireless due to my needs changing and I’ve been with them since.

On several occasions, including once with ‘clunky phone’, I needed to call for assistance when my vehicle broke-down on the highway.  So it has been a necessary expense for me as I travel many miles (35 miles to the City) to get to work each day.  Cell phone towers have made their way into our smaller rural communities which makes it possible to cease owning a landline if you so desire.

Cell phones and the various plans have really evolved and now there’s a plan and phone to fit every one and every budget imaginable.  And now you don’t have to worry about looking for a payphone booth since they are almost non-existent in our towns.

I’ve been using an Android powered smart phone for a few years now but I’ve decided to really compare Apple’s iPhone against Samsung’s Galaxy to make a decision on my next acquisition.  I know how expensive Apple products are compared to others but there are many reasons which have led me to really research the iPhone.

The three main reasons are stability, security and privacy.

When Tim Cook and Apple took a bold stand against the U.S. Government’s demand to create a back door into the iPhone I really began looking at and respecting Apple.  The more I read, the more I love them!

From various articles which I’ve read (including Apple’s website) I’ve learned many things which I find very important in my next cell phone purchase.

They do not allow anyone to access their servers and they never will (read Tim Cook’s message here about privacy).

As soon as updates for the iOS are available they are downloadable to the iPhone and not to just the current model that has been created; they are currently supporting several (some older models). With Android, it may take several months after updates have been created before you are able to receive it on your device or you may not be able to get it at all.

 On Android devices there are many preloaded Apps which can’t be uninstalled and they take up so much space. The vendors/creators have paid to have them placed on your Android device.  With Apple it isn’t quite so bad.

I truly believe Apple wants to create and provide the best for their Apple family (stability in their devices) as well as keeping their security and privacy a high priority.

By keeping such great support for their devices for several years it makes sense to pay a little more for a device which will last for several years with such good security and updates available.

I feel I’m ready to tackle the iPhone world and will jump into that camp to see how much fun it can be!

If you have one please leave a comment below; especially if you’ve jumped over from the Android side of the river.  (Thank you in advance!)