Creamed Dried Beef – aka SOS

Creamed Dried Beef is something that PA Dutch folk enjoy for breakfast over some sort of muffin or bread; however, we enjoy placing this over home fries and scrambled eggs.  It is an easy make for breakfast.  I buy my dried beef from a local butcher shop for this.  It is commonly referred to as SOS – Shit on a Shingle


Our Favorite Meatloaf Recipe

There aren’t too many recipes anymore which I can say are the one and only for a particular food which I will only use.  This meatloaf recipe from Food Network Magazine in November 2012 is THE one and only meatloaf recipe which we use anymore.  And yet you are still able to mix and match ingredients as you desire; whether they are listed here or not.  I will say that we typically use 2 pounds of ground meat (venison typically) for this recipe versus the 1 1/2 pounds listed.

Beefy Tortellini Skillet

We use the Aldi’s tortellini which is delicious and ground venison if we have it.  This was a gem found in a Taste Of Home magazine from 5 years ago which I received in the mail free as an enticement to subscribe.  I had been among the first subscribers to the magazine when it debuted in the 1990’s, as well as some of their other publications.  In those days there were NO ads in the magazines and it was so much better that way.

Beef & Mushroom Lasagna


For this recipe which I make often and don’t have leftovers to bring home I do the following modifications:

I only add a splash of milk to the soup to be just enough to whisk it together; do not add the 1/4 cup or it becomes very runny.

For the sauce I use my recipe in yesterday’s post with the Aldi’s jar of sauce which I also ‘doctor up.’

I use 12 lasagna noodles and make 4 layers in a slightly smaller than 9X13 glass casserole dish which I have.

I use ground venison if I am fortunate to have some and whatever type of cheese (mozzarella and freshly grated parmesan) in my fridge at the moment.

The best compliment is coming home with an empty casserole dish; don’t you agree???


Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom!


You were such a lover of yarn, crochet, and sewing.  Although we didn’t get to enjoy crochet together I always loved the results of your time and patience and am so very grateful to have so many of your creations with me as I grow older.  Here is your granny blanket with my latest wavy creation; you made so many blankets and I love making them too.  That realization just hit me this week as I completed this blanket.

Love you!

The Famous Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie

To round out our week of the Chocolate Chip Cookie is the one which may very well be the most famous of all Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes and I have several printings of this recipe in various books which I really love too.

Betty Crocker’s Cooky Cookbook…

From an older Betty Crocker cookbook with the key recipe and then the variation to make the most famous cookie of all…

1960’s cookie cookbook has this…

This is from a more recent Nestle cookbook.

Chocolate Chippers!

I love the name Chocolate Chippers and we really love these cookies!  I recently ate at a Panera Bread restaurant for lunch and bought one of their cookies to find that they call them Chocolate Chippers – I wonder if Better Homes & Gardens are aware of the name that they stole from them?!  This recipe is so simple and yet so yummy – I love adding both milk and dark chocolate chips in these and we thoroughly enjoy them.  This recipe is in the cookbook which my grandmother owned and I’m so privileged to have now.

Here are my notes for these cookies for baking along with notes for a couple others which I love from this same cookbook.

Betty Crocker’s, allrecipes, and Kraft’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve had this Betty Crocker cookbook since the late 1990’s and didn’t even try this recipe until last month and we really enjoyed these.  I use only milk chocolate and dark chocolate chips for my recipes and the Aldi’s brand were fantastic!  I will buy theirs again.

This is from an older Betty Crocker cookbook and I haven’t made these yet.  There are some differences with this recipe; so interesting that the same company will make variations of their cookies through the years.

I also enjoy the allrecipes magazine and these were moist!  I get so overwhelmed when looking at websites due to the sheer volume of recipes and all of the advertisements which populate the screen and slow down the viewing of the site so I still am a person who prefers a magazine over a website, 100%!

One of the first websites I fell in love with when I began surfing the internet in the early 2000’s was the site.  Here is one which I made often and we really loved these too!



My first Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe

This recipe from my 1990’s Better Homes and Gardens cookbook is the first one which I made and the only one made for many years before I began to try other versions.  I had been given some air-bake sheets as a shower gift and I haven’t become fond of them.  I now only use my regular baking sheets (which I’ve had for over 20 years and look great!) which I keep only for cookies and store in my cookbook cupboard.  I have begun to place parchment paper on them when baking and that has helped give me better results for all of my cookies.  I have different notes written with my recipe from various years to ensure a tasty cookie.  I was staying away from cookie recipes which have shortening in them and only using butter in my cookies; that was most likely the reason that I began trials on other Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes.  But I’ve welcomed it back into my baking and cookies.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Week


Chocolate Chip Cookies are my #1 favorite cookie.  And I believe they are a favorite for many others as well.  My love affair with this cookie has been many years as I have made many different versions of it.  This week I will devote to that famous cookie and share many recipes which I have made as well as a couple which I haven’t made just yet.  What I have learned from years of baking and testing of different recipes for the same type of food is that many versions are similar with ingredients and even the amount of an ingredient.  Quality of items used seem to make the difference in the outcome of each cookie.  Butter, versus shortening or margarine, is always the best tasting and I try to use a name brand butter with a long history (such as Land O’ Lakes or Keller’s).  When I use a store brand of butter I do taste the difference in the final product.

Welcome to Chocolate Chip Cookie week and hope you find something here which you will enjoy!