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Happy Thanksgiving!

Since 2012 this gem, which I found in a Family Circle magazine, has been at each Thanksgiving table.  It is always requested and loved. Wishing you and yours a wonderful day focusing on all of your blessings and enjoying some yummy food!  

Fall Recipes

I recently picked up this new magazine at Tractor Supply and I’m loving it. I’ve made two recipes from this already and have plans to make more. They are easy with common ingredients and many are for the crockpot. I haven’t seen any magazines from Centennial Home or Centennial Kitchen before (have you?). I’m glad … Continue reading Fall Recipes

Salmon soup

This was the recipe which my grandmother made and I love it. I don’t know where it originated from and I haven’t found it yet in any vintage cookbook I own.  Maybe it was a recipe she created or was one her mother made. Debone the salmon and mix everything together in a 5 quart … Continue reading Salmon soup