Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

there is so much about autumn which is lovely.

i caught this beauty with a hint of red which you can see.


Weekly Photograph


the last week and a half has been miserable for me.

i’ve been sick with a very bad cold and sinus infection and just can’t seem to kick it.

praying to feel better soon.

since i’ve been feeling a bit better in the last 24 hours, i wanted to add a new post.

i haven’t forgotten the obvious~

the weekly photograph.

here it is (along with some extras)………

please let me know what your thoughts are….


wow~i am grateful~


i am deeply grateful that several people have enjoyed my Weekly Photograph enough to “like” it and even take time to send a message!

i thank you so much!

please stay tuned to my site for more photography.  i hope you all will enjoy my photos as much as I do.  to receive such positive feedback is amazing for a photographer who would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to sell photos.  feel free to leave comments.

until the next photo appears, i will leave you with another one of my favorites, as a bonus today………..