come sit for awhile…..

i recently spent an afternoon by the river with a very close and dear friend of mine who i’ve known all of my life.  when we’re together, it’s like we are 13 again!  i can truly be myself with her and we have such a great time together.  it’s like all of the other cares in the world just disappear and we have nothing to worry about.  we spent the time talking about our current lives (mostly she talks and I listen!) and we reminisced about our past.  there are so many days anymore when i wish we could go back to being 13 and have no adult responsibilities.  although, being a teenager again also presents a whole set of ‘issues’ which i don’t wish to revisit.

we both love photography and scrappin’ photos and her number one passion is writing.  she dreams of being a popular writer of something (although, i don’t know what, exactly) and not having to worry about anything financially.  she currently has gone back to school and is looking for work too.

i just miss the days of being together and having a good time.  it’s so difficult to spend time together anymore, due to our adult lives.  i would love to take a road trip across the country (or another country) with her for a month (or two!) and take photos and write something to commemorate the trip.  it would be fun~

praying that the possibility becomes reality…..

until then, we’ll just have to get together for a ‘day road-trip’ and reminisce about our hopes and dreams……

(this photo was taken that afternoon by the river)