Let us meander for a day

To celebrate another year in which God has kept me on this Earth we took a day trip to meander some roads which we seldom travel.

It was nice to just drive along with the day being all about food, meandering and visiting a few places.

As we sat watching a snow squall which happened upon us, while enjoying chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa in a small coffee cafe, I noticed this sign on the little shop’s wall.


It sums up the time which I’ve been spending these past few days as I celebrate another birthday.

The rural country roads which we traveled are adorned with many farms and beautiful views.


It was a relaxing day and I was very tired from the trip but it was well worth it!


Homemade Apple-Cranberry Crumb Pie

After finishing off the Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie I just had to bake another pie.

Because a House just isn’t a Home unless there are some homemade baked goods in its kitchen, especially during the Holiday Season! ūüôā

I took a recipe for an Apple-Cranberry Crumb Pie and tweaked it up a bit.

It is very yummy!  Not too sweet and not too tart; just perfect.


As always, I made my own homemade crust so the following instructions will be for the pie itself.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Ingredients for the Topping

1/2 cup unbleached all-purpose flour

1/3 cup packed brown sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp salt

5 tbsp unsalted butter, cold and cut into smaller pieces

Ingredients for the Filling

3/4 cup white sugar

1/4 cup packed brown sugar

2 tbsp unbleached all-purpose flour

1 tbsp cinnamon (or whatever amount you prefer; add nutmeg if you like it too)

3 medium to large size baking apples (I used Winesap)

1 12-oz bag fresh cranberries


Prepare topping by combining all ingredients, except butter, in a small bowl.  Mix well.  Add butter and use a pastry blender to combine into the mixture until there are small pea-size pieces.  Hold aside until filling is in the crust.

Prepare filling by whisking/sifting together the sugars, flour and cinnamon in a small bowl.  Cut up the apples into small chunks/slices and put into a large bowl with the cleaned fresh cranberries.  Add the sugar/flour/cinnamon mixture and mix together well.  Place this into the prepared pie crust and then sprinkle the topping over all.

Bake for 15 minutes at 425 degrees and then reduce the temperature to 375 degrees for approx 40-50 minutes or until apples are tender and everything is bubbly.



Vintage Appliance Cookbooks

When I received my Grandmother’s cookbooks and recipes I found she had held onto several cookbooks/leaflets which were given when she purchased an appliance. ¬†I remember them from when I was a child and would look through her cookbooks. ¬†I didn’t realize at that time how rare¬†and priceless they are. ¬†Now I do.

Anytime I cruise through vintage items for sale I will look through these types of cookbooks for the unique ones which catch my eye or call to me through nostalgia.

 My husband is an International Harvester Collector so looking for anything which was made by IHC is something which we do all the time.

Here is an example of one of the cookbooks which they gave when you purchased their freezers.


Did you know that?! ¬†They made freezers as well as many other items in addition to their well-known tractors. ¬†Quite a history behind that company alone. ¬†It is part of our country’s history and so interesting¬†to learn about.

GE appliances are part of my history and my family has owned many GE items; especially stoves.  My Grandmother had this among her collection:


It is a little worn but still a keeper.

And who hasn’t heard about Kenmore? ¬† Sears’ appliances were/are¬†found in many homes and Kenmore has been a name that has been around for many years.


These two are unique to me though:



What do you have hiding among your vintage cookbooks?

Beauty in the Intricate Lines


The intricacy of everything within our Mother Earth has its purpose.

We all are entangled together with Her.

The reasons why are unknown to us now.

But one day they will display their simplistic fine lines

And we will know our purpose for existence with Her.

Happy Mother’s Day to My Mother and Grandmothers in Heaven

and to Our Mother Earth.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

Landscape is one of my favorite types of images. ¬†Here is one of my most recent golden nuggets which I’ve gotten! ¬†This is the Kinzua Skywalk at the Kinzua Bridge State Park in McKean County, Pennsylvania. ¬†If you get an opportunity to go there, please take it. ¬†You won’t regret it. ¬†But be prepared. ¬†When you walk all the way out to the platform the wind is really strong; could pull you off that Bridge. ¬†


Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

While wandering through a State Park last month, my husband and I found this by surprise.  We were standing on the edge of the Lake in the park and I was just taking photos and enjoying all of the scenery around me.  As I turned around to see the view of the trees behind me, I was really shocked to see this Memorial.  These are quite common along busy highways and back country roads; however, it seems quite odd that such a Memorial would be permitted in a State Park.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

There is a statue of Eisenhower at The National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia.

As I was taking some photos of him, I noticed inside, above his head, on the bottom side of the roof over him, which is held-up by columns, is a unique map.

It is the map of the planned D-Day invasion.

What a sweet surprise for someone who is learning all that she can about that ever so important war.

A war where several of my family members fought and even died.

To liberate an imprisoned Europe.


Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV (for a Mouse)

I always look for different Perspectives (a.k.a. Point of Views) when I take photos.

It’s interesting to look at things from a ‘grounded perspective’ for the tiny creatures of the Earth.

Doesn’t this look like quite a challenge for a Mouse?¬† It may even be quite scary for him to go through this maze!


If he’s smart, he’ll just crawl underneath!¬† ūüôā