colorful b&w

there may be various ‘proper’ names for this type of photography; but i enjoy calling it

colorful b&w

having one object in color against a b&w background catches the eye.

it makes this photo stand out amongst a world of constant color photography.

b&w photos were once all that existed in photography, at the beginning.

when color was introduced, everyone wanted something new in their photos.

since the world has been deluged with color photography, photographers everywhere are looking for something new; something different; something that will catch the eye of a passing observer and be more memorable.

last trip together

in 2009, i took the last trip with my Mother to her home country.


we spent 3 weeks together with friends and family and saw many things.  many things were the first time for me and others were not.  but we did them together.

there were some rough patches along the way, but we survived until the return flight.

i am happy for that.

here is a photo taken as we departed Venezia (Venice) on the first trip there for both of us.  we did not get a gondola ride (it rained most of the time) but i have other memories to keep.

her greatest passion was traveling; especially traveling to her home.

i miss her; but will always have the photographs and the memories of our last trip together.



the love of macro

my love for macro has rapidly flourished these past 12 months.

it’s amazing the beauty that is seen in such close views of something.

sometimes i see something in the image which i hadn’t seen when looking at the object before taking the photograph.

here are just a few images in my macro collection of photography; which i adore.

photography storage

i fear no more!

i have ventured out and finally bought an external hard drive to store all of my photography; basically for forever~

i have bought a 2TB hard drive and it will take a long time to fill it up.

i was worried about space on my computer for all of my photography (roughly 15,000 photos were being held there).

but i fear no more and will continue to photograph all that comes my way (plus some)! :OD Reader & Topics

i don’t believe that i am alone when i say this,


my posts do not seem to show up in the reader, or i must search for several days to find them, and others are missing the opportunity to visit my site.

(i miss the previous version of posts and i always saw mine posted each time i searched!)

is this happening to you?

if you enjoy reading my posts, i encourage you to follow my blog, so that you don’t miss the opportunity of reading my newly added posts (and photography)!


many people walk around with their camera at eye level and only create pictures of views which can be seen straight-ahead.

they fail to look ‘around’ them to capture the beauty and ‘story’ of the world in which they live.

i love taking photos at different angles and levels of sight.  views straight ahead aren’t all that exist in my world.

as demonstrated from just a select few of my world views below.

will you rethink your camera views the next time you take your camera for a walk?

Weekly Photograph


the last week and a half has been miserable for me.

i’ve been sick with a very bad cold and sinus infection and just can’t seem to kick it.

praying to feel better soon.

since i’ve been feeling a bit better in the last 24 hours, i wanted to add a new post.

i haven’t forgotten the obvious~

the weekly photograph.

here it is (along with some extras)………

please let me know what your thoughts are….


come sit for awhile…..

i recently spent an afternoon by the river with a very close and dear friend of mine who i’ve known all of my life.  when we’re together, it’s like we are 13 again!  i can truly be myself with her and we have such a great time together.  it’s like all of the other cares in the world just disappear and we have nothing to worry about.  we spent the time talking about our current lives (mostly she talks and I listen!) and we reminisced about our past.  there are so many days anymore when i wish we could go back to being 13 and have no adult responsibilities.  although, being a teenager again also presents a whole set of ‘issues’ which i don’t wish to revisit.

we both love photography and scrappin’ photos and her number one passion is writing.  she dreams of being a popular writer of something (although, i don’t know what, exactly) and not having to worry about anything financially.  she currently has gone back to school and is looking for work too.

i just miss the days of being together and having a good time.  it’s so difficult to spend time together anymore, due to our adult lives.  i would love to take a road trip across the country (or another country) with her for a month (or two!) and take photos and write something to commemorate the trip.  it would be fun~

praying that the possibility becomes reality…..

until then, we’ll just have to get together for a ‘day road-trip’ and reminisce about our hopes and dreams……

(this photo was taken that afternoon by the river)

photography 4 sale?

well….i am going to exhibit some more of my photography for your viewing pleasure.

i am seriously considering selling some of my photography.  i’ve always had a passion for it and have been taking pictures since my first camera in the 1980’s (a Kodak disc camera; btw, i still have it) along with my parent’s Polaroid (instant photos even before the digital-age).

many friends and family have enjoyed my photography and suggested that it could be sold…..well…..i need to find out.

but first, i would appreciate any and all comments from you (and your friends).

would you consider buying any of my photography?  if so, which ones appeal to you more and why?

thanks in advance…………

(click on the first one to see the images in larger size)