I Miss You and Who I Once Was With You

Maybe it is because I miss who I was when I was there

Or because of the innocence and carefree life it held for me

Maybe for what it stood for and for who was there

For all the good that happened; for all the memories it holds of my life as it stands for someone else

Maybe for what it has done to me to shape me into the woman I am today

But I feel…mostly for the fact that it is a capsule of time which I want to live in forever because I miss everything about you and who I once was with you


{my first home}


My Love of Lists

I love Lists for several reasons:

-They’re to the point

-Allows me to not forget

-Keeps me organized and focused

-A great feeling of accomplishment as I cross off each item

-I feel like a kid again

-Wraps me up in comfort

-A wonderful reason to use pen & paper

-I keep my penmanship skills sharp (I really have begun to detest this rapidly growing electronic-dependent world which deters people from using penmanship and even denying children the right to learn it in school!)

What perfect timing!  As I was creating the list to write this post to this week’s Discover Challenge I wandered over to the Farmer’s Almanac website and saw their 2016-2017 Winter forecast.  According to their predictions it seems like winter, in its true form, will return to the Northeast and Mid Atlantic.  As has been my custom for the last several years, prior to winter, I have created a list of items which I plan to stock-up on to keep in my home during the long winter months (even if their ‘snowmageddon’ predictions aren’t too accurate).  This alleviates the need for me to go as often to the store when the cold snowy weather does settle in.


a) no longer enjoy going out of the house when it’s extremely cold and snowy

b) dislike going to the store and waiting in long lines when the local weather forecast is telling us that snow is coming

c) do not like to go out to heavily populated public places, as often as I typically do, when the cold and flu season is in full swing

(look there~I created another list)

Here’s a little peak into a list which I’ve just created and will most definitely tweak as we get closer to the season and as I purchase items to stock up.


As you can see from the top of the list the cat food is the most important item!

What’s on your list?