Waiting to Bloom

This little blossom is just waiting to show off her very best.  That is the reason she is waiting for all the others to finish.


colorful b&w

there may be various ‘proper’ names for this type of photography; but i enjoy calling it

colorful b&w

having one object in color against a b&w background catches the eye.

it makes this photo stand out amongst a world of constant color photography.

b&w photos were once all that existed in photography, at the beginning.

when color was introduced, everyone wanted something new in their photos.

since the world has been deluged with color photography, photographers everywhere are looking for something new; something different; something that will catch the eye of a passing observer and be more memorable.

the love of macro

my love for macro has rapidly flourished these past 12 months.

it’s amazing the beauty that is seen in such close views of something.

sometimes i see something in the image which i hadn’t seen when looking at the object before taking the photograph.

here are just a few images in my macro collection of photography; which i adore.