Picture Perfect Morning

Need I say more?




While driving along a rural highway last Autumn I found this abandoned home.

These types of places always peak my interest and yet they break my heart.

I think of all the good times which happened within the walls of this home with children and holidays and family gatherings.

And I wonder how a place could come to this point.  Why would anyone ever desert a place to allow Mother Nature and all the elements to claim it?

So sad.

So alone.

So broken.

Warmer (and snowless) days past…

Many of us are buried under several inches (or feet) of snow and ice at this very moment.

I thought that I could lift your spirits by posting some images of the past year when our weather was warmer.

No worries-we will see Spring soon and all of that snow will melt.



I think a little wood and fire would be great right now!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

While wandering through a State Park last month, my husband and I found this by surprise.  We were standing on the edge of the Lake in the park and I was just taking photos and enjoying all of the scenery around me.  As I turned around to see the view of the trees behind me, I was really shocked to see this Memorial.  These are quite common along busy highways and back country roads; however, it seems quite odd that such a Memorial would be permitted in a State Park.