That old wonderful vinyl collection

I love John Denver’s music and I am currently listening to an album with so many of his greatest songs which really bring on the Nostalgia.  As a child, I became exposed to his music when listening to so many of his vinyl records; I think my Father still has those albums too.  I really was exposed to so much great music through that vast vinyl collection. 🙂  I remember playing those records and 8-track tapes constantly and my love of music just grew and grew (as well as the scratches on those records from playing so much).  I would listen to 45’s and 33 1/3’s and found such joy in all of that “vintage” music (including Elvis, Ricky Nelson, Juice Newton, etc.); many albums which my Father grew up on too.

Denver’s ‘Annie’s Song’ is one of his hits which I adore.  And I really love this video which I’ve seen on television which uses his song in the background.

It will make you cry.

And it will show you many things that this Wonderful World has to offer us each and every day; things which we should respect and appreciate more.