Project 365

project 365 interests me…..but then again, anything about photography interests me.

i have always taken pictures of everyday events (both large and small) in my life.  looking back through my photo albums of my lifetime with pictures of different projects being done around the house, people, vacations, events, etc. are great for recalling memories which otherwise would be totally forgotten.   i also have an online photo journal which chronicles a lot of things in my life which i share with family and friends.

i have a close friend who enjoys writing (and photography) and i think that a combination ‘blog-and-project365’ with her would be interesting.  writing is not one of my strong points; however, i can be possessed to write something really interesting once in a while.  i always thought it would be fun for us to travel the country to take photos of something interesting and her writing to accompany the photos for a book.  this ‘blog-and-project365’ may be as close as we could ever come to accomplishing that!

i suppose my next step would be to propose this idea to her and see what happens!