My heart will always long to be there…


A Glimpse of a Rural Life – Covered Bridge

The last Covered Bridge of our County standing in its original location.  It was constructed about 1880 and reconstructed in 2003 after a fire.  The bridge has a Burr arch truss as its structural support system.

~Former Hospital~

I work in a former hospital building which has been converted to office spaces.

It’s a very old building with lots of nooks and crannies and many undiscovered places.  Sometimes I walk around the outside of the building.  Between two of the buildings is a secluded area where some smokers hide to smoke in private.  I keep on walking through…

A Glimpse of a Rural Life – in images – take two

Photography has been a hobby passion of mine since I was a young girl.  I had dreamed of working and traveling the world for National Geographic.  That hasn’t come to fruition but I still enjoy documenting things in my life through the lens.  For the past few years I’ve set the camera aside to take up some new hobbies: knitting and crochet.  You can read all about it here: Hook and Needle Story.  I had decided that it was time to stop pressuring myself for the best images and just enjoy the moments.  So that is what I live by now.

Last year I had a short-lived photography series titled A Glimpse of a Rural Life.  Below is my explanation of what my expectations were for that series of images.

Life in Rural America is a very special kind of living.  There’s more open space to enjoy, the air is cleaner and the sounds are so much better than city life (at least in my opinion).

Beginning May 4th, I will share a weekly image from what I am calling “A Glimpse of a Rural Life Series.”  I will share images from my rural property and the rural areas which surround me.  Views which I see everyday and are a very important part of my life.  I hope to preserve those glimpses in a way that allows you to better understand the importance of rural areas throughout our country.

There will be images showing you many things which may seem insignificant but truly are critical to the rural way of life.  There are many things people take for granted and may soon disappear if Rural America is abandoned and developed by ‘big business.’  Many of the rural family-owned farms, small businesses and factories have already shuttered due to big corporations and companies which have taken over America.

I am appalled and saddened when farmland is inherited by a generation of children who don’t see and appreciate its true value and sell it for developmental purposes.  So much of America’s farmland is lost this way.  So much of America’s heritage is disappearing.  There is a program with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture dedicated to Farmland Preservation  and their mission is very important.  And I hope through viewing my images of life in the country that you will better understand the importance of preserving this way of life and advocate for preservation of Rural Areas where you live so that it may be saved for future generations before it is something only found in history books.

Because not only do farmers feed their families, they also help to feed the world.  It is critical that their land and rich soil are preserved and saved from future home and business development so that they can continue their vital contributions.

I really would like to bring this back to my readers and try to show you more of my environment.

I won’t put pressure on myself though and say that I will definitely have images each week.

What I will do though is tag them with my category titled Glimpse of Rural Life so that you will know those images represent what I have explained above and to bring awareness to the rapid loss of rural areas throughout our country.

Let us meander for a day

To celebrate another year in which God has kept me on this Earth we took a day trip to meander some roads which we seldom travel.

It was nice to just drive along with the day being all about food, meandering and visiting a few places.

As we sat watching a snow squall which happened upon us, while enjoying chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa in a small coffee cafe, I noticed this sign on the little shop’s wall.


It sums up the time which I’ve been spending these past few days as I celebrate another birthday.

The rural country roads which we traveled are adorned with many farms and beautiful views.


It was a relaxing day and I was very tired from the trip but it was well worth it!