Deep Purple

I love the deep purple of this flower against the darker background.  This was taken one evening when the sun was going down.


Getting into Manual Mode

I must admit that I have struggled with understanding the three elements which create the exposure of an image.  It hasn't been easy for me to understand; however, this week I watched some episodes of an instructor teaching all the elements of a DSLR camera and he explained the exposure elements in a way that … Continue reading Getting into Manual Mode

Purple Rain

Happy Earth Day! We had some rain overnight so I took my camera for a walk this morning. After loading my images to the computer and saw this one I immediately thought 'Purple Rain.' How appropriate since yesterday was the one year anniversary of the death of Prince. My tribute to him...


many people walk around with their camera at eye level and only create pictures of views which can be seen straight-ahead. they fail to look 'around' them to capture the beauty and 'story' of the world in which they live. i love taking photos at different angles and levels of sight.  views straight ahead aren't all that … Continue reading perspectives