Things which comfort my ‘old soul’

My old-soul feels comforted while “wrapped up…”

…in made-from-scratch comfort foods which I made in my kitchen

…in the months from October through February

…in vintage Christmas songs

…while watching The Waltons & Charlie Brown Holiday Specials on television

…in my house watching the snow fall and wearing cozy socks

…day-dreaming of my childhood life on the old homesteads

…thinking of the youthful days of walking/riding my bicycle all over town with no cell phones and no adult worries or responsibilities

…in thoughts of my family members who have passed on into the next life

Do you often feel like the world around you is just going crazy and out of control?

I do.

And it seems to be getting worse for me.

I feel like my old-soul has really grown weary of late by being bombarded with all of this technology and the ‘noise’ it provides.  I get disgusted while standing at the gas pumps when a television screen is filled with more noise.  I just want peace and quiet.

I want to get away from people and technology and all of the noise and distractions which they produce.

I don’t feel guilty or sorry about it either.

I’m just tired.

My old-soul has aged quite considerably in the last 6 years.

I feel lost in this world and am willing to fall into my rabbit hole into the mid 20th century away from all of this and live on Walton’s Mountain.

Do you feel like falling with me?


4 thoughts on “Things which comfort my ‘old soul’

  1. Hi Mary! I was referred to your blog by my sister, Marianne (HappilyMrs. blog). This post of yours touched my soul as I find myself very much in the same place as you, although physically I’m here in Michigan. I’ve decided to join your Chaotic Cooking-Through Challenge along with my sister! Now to choose my cookbook… which I have dozens of. Looking forward to this challenge! Thanks for coming up with the idea! I look forward, too, to further posts. Blessings to you!

    • Thank you, I am very happy you’re joining us on this fun cooking adventure! 😊
      It is comforting to me that others feel as I do concerning their soul and I continue to pray for strength each day. That post wanted to be written for quite some time and finally came together for me and to comfort others as well. That’s always a good thing. 😊
      Let’s have some fun cooking/baking to soothe our souls, shall we?! 😃

  2. This beautifully worded posts, speaks to me too. Quite possibly that is why I escape into “my vintage world”, to get away from all the “noise”. The one thing I do love about living overseas in a small town, is the technology hasnt quite caught up with us here and I am so glad. Waltons Mountain… that sounds like a peaceful place to fall to!

    • I daydream often of a much more simpler life in the early and mid 20th century. I know there were wars but life was much simpler in many ways. I think my old soul may have lived through that time period before because I keep getting pulled to the era of the Greatest Generation.

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