Makin’ relish

I haven’t had much time to cook-through my recipe book lately to keep up with my cook-through challenge.  Summer has become a busy time for us.

Now it’s relish makin’ time.  Zucchini Relish to be exact.  This is so simple to make and the best tastin’ relish.  I’m using our own home grown zucchini and onions but I had to buy the peppers since ours aren’t ready yet.

I’ve been making this relish since 2015 from the Ball Blue Book.


The veggies are sitting in salt water for now.  In a couple of hours they will be ready to be cooked with the vinegar and spices for canning.

We are having a better year with our garden compared to 2016 and have been preserving many things.  We will be very busy when our tomatoes begin to ripen.  We have 6 Roma tomato plants and plan to can a lot of them.  We also have 4 others for eating and they are all growing quite well along with everything else.

I hope to find time soon to make some new recipes for the cook-through challenge.  As I said in the beginning we will make as many recipes from our books as time allows.  And summer isn’t allowing me much time for that!

 Happy summer!

Weekend Breakfast – Crustless Quiche

When I make a pie I always make a homemade pie crust for it.  When I’m in the mood to make homemade quiche I prefer to make it crustless.

Here is my version of a crustless quiche which I enjoy making on the weekend (when I have extra time to make a yummy breakfast).  I always use fresh veggies for this and begin making it approximately 1 1/2 hours before I want to eat it.  This would be great for brunch or supper too!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees


fresh veggies-mushrooms, sweet peppers, zucchini

meat-crumbled sausage of choice

1 1/3 cups milk

6 eggs

shredded cheese of choice-I enjoy colby-jack cheese

salt and pepper-use as desired (or use another type of seasoning you enjoy)


saute the meat with the veggies in a pan to brown the meat and reduce the water from the veggies

whisk the eggs and add milk, cheese and seasonings of choice and whisk all together

Place the meat and veggies mixture in the bottom of a 9-10″ deep pie plate or other dish

Pour the liquid mixture over

Bake 45-60 minutes or until it is ‘set’ in the middle and browned to your liking


(Here are few photos from my breakfast this morning)





Enjoying Summer

I’ve been busy just relaxing this summer and haven’t been writing or even taking many photos.  Staying in the air-conditioning is the perfect rx for this time of the year and I am looking forward to Autumn with all its colors and cooler temps.  Our garden is keeping us busy with a bounty of food and beautiful sunflowers for the birds to eat.


I’ve also been baking goodies and knitting.  I have a shawl on knitting needles which I work on from time to time and I’ve begun a blaze-orange knitted hat for my husband (finished one for myself) and yesterday I just had to begin knitting a simplistic but beautiful blanket using the garter stitch and i-cord edge and it is going to be a yarn-eater so that I can reduce my rather large yarn stash.


I found this very popular “Garter Squish” blanket pattern on and here is the information I have composed so far, which will explain it to you:

Name: “Delorable” Garter Squshy

I chose this name because I think this is going to be both ‘delicious’ and ‘adorable.’😉

After days of viewing all of the beautiful ones that other Ravelers have made (and constantly thinking about this project-even while working!), I just had to stop working on my other knitted items to at least get this started. I have so very much yarn (majority is acrylic) and I want to reduce my stash. Everyone says that this project will do just that and it is a simplistic but beautiful project with the garter stitch (some days I just want something simple to knit). I can’t wait for this to be complete! Will add photos as I go along on this and hope to have it complete by the time ‘old man winter’ sets in here in the Mid-Atlantic (sounds like it may be another cold and snowy winter for us!).

Game Plan:

  • Organize/group my yarns by color family
  • Knit with two strands help together
  • Use a yarn from each color family which is an ombre/gradient along side of a solid in that same color family
  • Use Russian Join method for attaching yarns to each other
  • The width of each color segment will be determined by the yarn as I go along in this project. I think with various widths of color segments the blanket will look much better than having each segment the same width. We shall see what pattern emerges from the yarn!:)


  • CO 146 with the Knitted Cast On Method; began 07/30/2016


  • Though I am knitting with 100% acrylic yarns, which can be rough and unforgiving, I’ve noticed that the blanket seems to be softer and squshy due to the thickness of two strands being knitted together versus a single strand. Many of the yarns which I have, and want to use up, are older acrylics which are quite rough and seem to only be good enough for blankets or bags. I believe this is just the perfect project for those types of yarns which keep laying around in stashes all around the globe and are begging to be used. Before disposing of them, please consider this project.

Color Order:

  • Grays-07/30/2016
  • Blues-07/30/2016
  • (I will continue to update this section as I add each color family to the blanket)


As you can see from this closer image, the i-cord edge is just adorable, isn’t it?!

“Canning season” has begun

This weekend, we began our “canning season.”  The local strawberries are now fully ripe and ready for jellies and jams.  We took four quarts of delicious and very ripe, wonderfully aromatic strawberries and turned them into this….

2016 jam

We don’t mess around with those half-pint jelly jars; we go all the way and fill up those pints!

(BTW, the recipe, if you’re interested in making your own, is the Ball recipe for ‘Strawberry Jam’)