National Christmas Center

In July 2014 we visited the National Christmas Center in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  I really enjoyed that visit and now I am very happy that I was able to get there.  I wanted to return earlier this year and discovered that they closed and were looking for a buyer to keep it going.  I recently … Continue reading National Christmas Center


Pennsylvania Dutch Shoo-Fly Pie

Here in Pennsylvania Dutch Country one of the most popular recipes to the region is the Shoo-Fly Pie.  There are so many versions of this pie available including the Chocolate Shoo-Fly Pie with Peanut Butter icing over the top portion which we receive each Christmas from our Amish neighbors.  That is so delicious! The one … Continue reading Pennsylvania Dutch Shoo-Fly Pie

Visiting Bethlehem Steel – Now Known As Steel Stacks

Recently we visited the Bethlehem Steel plant which is now known as Steel Stacks.  They have converted buildings into other venues for entertainment and a museum.  Many of the former buildings are still standing and we were fortunate enough to take a tour on the big Steel Stacks themselves with a former Rigger for the … Continue reading Visiting Bethlehem Steel – Now Known As Steel Stacks

Things which comfort my ‘old soul’

My old-soul feels comforted while "wrapped up..." made-from-scratch comfort foods which I made in my kitchen the months from October through February vintage Christmas songs ...while watching The Waltons & Charlie Brown Holiday Specials on television my house watching the snow fall and wearing cozy socks of my childhood life on … Continue reading Things which comfort my ‘old soul’

Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book, First Edition from 1942

I love seeking out vintage cookbooks from the early and mid 20th century. Last Spring while browsing through a book-corner in a farmer's market building I found a 1942 edition (the first edition of this book) of the Woman's Home Companion Cook Book.  I don't recall ever seeing this cookbook before but was immediately captured … Continue reading Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book, First Edition from 1942

A Charlie Brown Christmas

My most favorite animated Christmas television special is A Charlie Brown Christmas. I've always enjoyed watching the various Charlie Brown holiday specials when I was a child and I continue the tradition of watching all of them each year.  There's something nostalgic about Charlie and his friends and I deeply love it. There is something about the soundtrack of A … Continue reading A Charlie Brown Christmas