About my chaoticwhitespace

this is my chaoticwhitespace.

a place to go when all things around me seem to be falling apart.  a place for refuge and solace in this world of angst.

i never considered creating something like this until i received an email from an old friend, with a link to the blog that she just created; a place for her to go and drop her thoughts when the call came.  after reading all that she wrote, i realized that this was exactly what i needed.  creating a space for me for when i needed to be alone could be achieved on the world wide web (does that make sense?).  it could be a great space for my personal reflections and could give me some much-needed therapy.  a therapist costs money and you need to make the time for the appointments.  the advice given may not be beneficial to you.

so i’ve finally reached ‘here’…….this chaoticwhitespace may just be the ‘therapy’ that i’ve been looking for.  whether anyone reads this or doesn’t; whether anyone follows this or doesn’t; it all doesn’t matter much to me.  what matters is that i have my own place to go for comfort and solace when time allows and my feelings call for it.

a space of my own to create and ‘work’ that noone else needs to know about.  a space that gives me freedom to express myself with no judgements given to me.  a space that can be anything that i need it to be.  hiding behind the computer screen sounds appealing; doesn’t it?  a space…..a chaoticwhitespace…….. who knows where this will lead but at least this space, my space, my chaoticwhitespace, is mine and mine alone.

a good therapist waiting for me at my disposal.

there’s something invigorating about having a space that’s mine which can be and will be anything that i need it to be.

like a cozy quilt, good book and hot cup of tea on a rainy day.

like a favorite soup simmering all day on the stove, while the snow is blowing outside.

like watching a favorite movie when time allows.

please, won’t you join me; on this journey into….

….my chaoticwhitespace…………


10 thoughts on “About my chaoticwhitespace

  1. you have a lovely blog. my blog provided the same for myself that yours provided for you. i’m off to look at more of your post.. : )

    • Thank you so very much! I enjoy photography immensely and think that this blog has opened up the whole world to me. I am gratified to know that others feel the same way about my photos! 🙂

  2. Wow, I love your “About” … my sentiments exactly. Therapy indeed, whether anyone reads it or not. I’m happy to follow your blog – and thank you for your interest in mine! 🙂

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