The Chaotic Cooking-Through Challenge: Month Eight

Yeah – December has arrived!  That means we are at month eight of our Cooking-Through Cookbook Challenge and you probably know already which category I’ve chosen; don’t you?!

December only means one food for devouring by children of all ages:


When I dream of Christmas I always dream of cookies and I’m sure you do too.  We all have our holiday favorites which we’ve been enjoying for generations in our families but you may want to go outside of that box for this month and enjoy some other new cookie recipes which are in your chosen cookbook for this challenge you are participating in.  I have recently acquired a couple of vintage cookie cookbooks and have been drooling over them for months so I’m hoping to also include a few of those recipes for us this holiday season.

I encourage you to have fun, take photos, share your food with others and link your blog posts back to this post on my site so that we all can see what you are making and enjoying.  It is not a requirement to have a blog to join-in on this.   I’d love to see your comments though if you are participating.

I know that you will find satisfaction in various ways by choosing your own ingredients and creating healthy dishes in your own kitchen.  A good home-cooked meal is always a great centerpiece at any gathering and shows your feelings towards others. 🙂

(To read more detailed information concerning the cook-through challenge please go to this link: Chaotic Cooking-Through Challenge)

Happy Cooking!!



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