The Chaotic Cooking-Through Challenge: Month Seven

My most favorite time of the year has arrived.  When November 1st rolls around I know that the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas has come.  I enjoy the food and ambiance of this season better than any other time of year.

For November there couldn’t be any other category for our challenge than:

Pies and Pie Crusts

When you think of Thanksgiving you most certainly think of homemade-from-scratch pies alongside that yummy Turkey or Ham (or at least I do :0) ).  This month’s category gives you an opportunity to bake and share some pies when you celebrate Thanksgiving with your loved ones.  Pumpkin is always on the top of my list but there are many other pies out there that are just as scrumptious.  And nothing beats a homemade pie crust.  It is so simple to get together that you’ll be asking yourself why you’ve been buying those pre-made ones from the grocery store (the secret is ice cold water and other cold ingredients to get it just perfect when blended together).  Last Autumn I had shared a Pumpkin Pie recipe and story which can be found at this link, if you’re interested.

I encourage you to have fun, take photos, share your food with others and link your blog posts back to this post on my site so that we all can see what you are making and enjoying.  It is not a requirement to have a blog to join-in on this.   I’d love to see your comments though if you are participating.

I know that you will find satisfaction in various ways by choosing your own ingredients and creating healthy dishes in your own kitchen.  A good home-cooked meal is always a great centerpiece at any gathering and shows your feelings towards others. 🙂

(To read more detailed information concerning the cook-through challenge please go to this link: Chaotic Cooking-Through Challenge)

Happy Cooking and Baking!!



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