The Chaotic Cooking-Through Challenge: Month Six

I’m releasing this category a day early because I keep myself away from the computer and internet on Sundays, for the most part.  This gives you all an opportunity to jump right into the next month’s category, one day earlier! 🙂

When October begins for me it means that the cooler weather is about to set-in and comfort foods are my go-to recipes.

I thought what better category for October could there be other than:

Soups and Stews

My crockpots are often used for these types of Autumn and Winter foods.  They are perfect for those days when you are busy with other things and activities with your families and you can always make extras to freeze for other busy days.

I encourage you to have fun, take photos, share your food with others and link your blog posts back to this post on my site so that we all can see what you are making and enjoying.  It is not a requirement to have a blog to join-in on this.   I’d love to see your comments though if you are participating.

I know that you will find satisfaction in various ways by choosing your own ingredients and creating healthy dishes in your own kitchen.  A good home-cooked meal is always a great centerpiece at any gathering and shows your feelings towards others. 🙂

(To read more detailed information concerning the cook-through challenge please go to this link: Chaotic Cooking-Through Challenge)

Happy Cooking!!



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