Chaotic Cooking-Through Challenge : Homemade Waffles

We needed Waffles for our Chicken and Waffles so I opened my Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook which I’m cooking-through and made their recipe for Easy Waffles.  We’ve made homemade waffles before and I wanted to try another recipe. These are quick to get together and we had 12 waffles made with all that batter.  What a great tasty waffle recipe! 😊





3 thoughts on “Chaotic Cooking-Through Challenge : Homemade Waffles

  1. I like how simple this recipe is. Also, I have never heard of Chicken and Waffles before or thought of putting the two together. It looks really tasty. Now… I just have to get a waffle maker one of these days so I can try this out. 🙂

    • This is one of those ethnic/regional dishes which is commonly made in the rural Pennsylvania German/Pennsylvania Dutch areas. Many churches, organizations and local groups will have a Chicken and Waffles fundraising dinner and many people love it because it is truly a “from-scratch” meal. I like mine the best though! 🙂 I never thought to write a post about this recipe and share it with others; I don’t always think about sharing my recipes which are common in my area but not found elsewhere. Many Germans moved into Pennsylvania when they moved to America and families have stayed here for many generations and continue to make those fabulous foods (my Father’s family heritage is German and I had taken two years of German language in high school). I think I’ll write a blog post about my Chicken and Waffles and share the recipe; yes, it is quite simple to put together and very tasty too! In the short-term you could always toast up some good thick-sliced bread to serve this over.

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