The Chaotic Cooking-Through Challenge: Month Two

Month One was fun with salads and salad dressings and I hope you are enjoying this opportunity to create some new foods for those you love.  I know that I have found some “keeper” recipes which I will add to my rotation of foods.

For Month Two the categories are:

any Chicken or Beef recipes

or make them meatless if you are vegetarian

I challenge you to look through your book for recipes which fall into the above category and make as many as you want too.

I encourage you to have fun, take photos, share your food with others and link your blog posts back to this post on my site so that we all can see what you are making and enjoying.  It is not a requirement to have a blog to join-in on this.   I’d love to see your comments though if you are participating.

I know that you will find satisfaction in various ways by choosing your own ingredients and creating healthy dishes in your own kitchen.  A good home-cooked meal is always a great centerpiece at any gathering and shows your feelings towards others. 🙂

(To read more detailed information concerning the cook-through challenge please go to this link: Chaotic Cooking-Through Challenge)

Happy Cooking!!



4 thoughts on “The Chaotic Cooking-Through Challenge: Month Two

  1. Yay! I had so much fun with last months Salads & dressings, I also found some keepers too and actually learned quited a bit about salads in general, much to my surprise! On to this months challenge! 🙂

    • I really enjoy focusing on certain recipes each month and discovering treasures which I’ve overlooked for many years. I’m happy you are having as much fun as I! This month’s categories will be fun to either cook in the kitchen or out on the grill. 😊

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