Buried under loose recipes and food magazines!

Before I was even married I was collecting recipes.  I would cut out from magazines, copy from books and ask for cookbooks as gifts.  Before too long I had hundreds of them.  I was keeping them together in various ways and cooking some of them.  A few years ago I came to the decision to finally sift through the scattered hundreds and determine which to keep.  At that point I knew that we certainly wouldn’t even make half of them, for various reasons, so I took them all, most had claimed a kitchen drawer, and went through each one.  I filled a garbage bag for recycling of the ones which I didn’t want to continue to house and kept those that had a greater chance of an appearance on my kitchen table.  Out of that experience I am more choosy of recipes and books.  Thankfully the library system has many magazines and cookbooks which I borrow.  It saves me lots of money.  Just this week I pulled out a pile of loose recipes and booklets again and have begun the same process.  When they are just loose in a drawer it is highly unlikely that I will make them unless they are sorted in some way – there’s a reason for a table of contents in a cookbook!! 🙂  When it comes to looking for a new recipe to try I often don’t have time to sort through such a huge pile.  It becomes such a big task so I’ve narrowed down once again to only a handful and will make a better effort at beginning to cook-through them.  As I began this task this week I thought of a new cooking challenge for getting through these loose recipes.  So we will see how well received my cook-through challenge is in the next 12 months.  If it is a hit I may try some new type of cooking challenge after this one ends.

I have always loved print magazines and have had various subscriptions through the years.  For many of them I had been unable to give them up for recycling or pass onto others so they accumulated into quite a collection in my cookbook cupboard until a year ago.  I made a decision to go through all of the food magazines which I had in the cupboard.  I had about 4 years worth of Food Network magazine, some old Kraft magazines which they don’t print anymore, a few years of Allrecipes.com magazine and some other various booklets which I bought.  I’m also holding onto several years of Taste of Home and Cooking for Two magazines from when they began those magazines but I have them in a box.  Maybe I can sell those one day.  I have finally come to the realization that Food Network recipes are just not realistic to us and our lifestyle.  The recipes are exotic (to my terms anyway) and use rare and expensive ingredients which we just don’t eat.  At this point in my life I know what our tastes are and the things which we do/don’t or can/can’t eat.  I know that is the reason which keeps me going back to the vintage/older recipe books because their recipes were based on the typical rural households and the ingredients which are commonplace in them.  As for Allrecipes.com magazine I have kept a few issues which have lots of yummy recipes that I want to try and for other things I can visit their website.  The magazine only showcases recipes from the site so I’m not missing much by no longer subscribing to them.  I  coerced asked a friend to take the Food Network and Allrecipes.com magazines (I hope she’s enjoying them and found recipes that she will make)! :OP

I still enjoy looking through a print magazine versus internet though.  There’s something comfy about curling up on the sofa with a good magazine and turning each page to a new surprise.  I get super excited each year when I begin to see the Autumn, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Winter magazines displayed on the shelves in the stores.  They have always been my favorites.  Maybe for the reason that I enjoy that time of the year best; from October through New Year’s is my favorite.  Even when I had subscriptions to various food and home magazines those were my favorite issues and I seemed to keep them longer than all of the others (here are a few that I just haven’t been able to dispose of in some way).

If I find a good magazine with so many great recipes which I want to try I just can’t rip it apart or cut it up so I just keep the whole thing.  I have found many comfort food recipes in those issues.

I do know that once September arrives my eyes will once again peruse the magazine shelves.  Those colorful, wonderfully descriptive and yummy covers are really what draw me in to them; don’t they get you too?   I finally realized that this past November when I purchased the Food Network magazine.  I had ended my subscription over a year ago and had bought the issue from the newsstand but didn’t find much appealing inside once I got it home.  I’m done buying those.  (They sure know how to lure a cook into buying their magazine!)

Tell me…do you prefer printed magazines over the internet?  If so, are you buried under them too?  How about loose recipes?  Or have you restrained yourself from that dilemma?


4 thoughts on “Buried under loose recipes and food magazines!

  1. I started a cookbook collection, too, and ended up with too many! But, I love them! When I “inherited” my mother-in-law’s cookbook when she passed, I spent a Saturday going through it, even though it was a Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook just like my own that I’d gotten for my wedding almost 41 years ago. Hers, though, was a treasure trove! She saved every valentine her sons had made her – right in the cookbook… every love note, all her clipped recipes from magazines, (handwritten recipes which I treasure!)… it was like spending the day with her. What a gift! I do use many Food Network recipes, just not the exotic ones. I think I’m partial to them because we’ve watched so many years of Food Network TV and I know the chefs, so I feel like I’m “really” cooking! 🙂 I have organized my favorite recipes into two boxes, my original 3×5″ from my wedding, filled with recipes from family and friends, and the 5×8″ box I also “inherited” from my MIL. I keep a Cowboy Recipes and Poetry book I got from a sister (because who doesn’t love to read a good cowboy poem while they’re cooking?) and my two boxes and Mom’s Picture Cookbook handy for everyday cooking, and the rest are packed. I really need to get them out, even if I use them more decoratively and only occasionally for looking for a recipe because… now, unless I know I want to cook a recipe from one of those source, I mostly just enter the ingredients I have in the house into the search bar on Google… and see what comes up! We’ve watched enough food TV that I can taste a recipe by just reading it now. It’s worked well for me! I enjoyed your blog post! Happy cooking!

  2. Lynne, thank you for sharing this wonderful story about your MIL’s book which you received; that is truly a treasure. Your sister, Marianne, is planning to cook from her Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book and I told her that I just recently acquired one and I’ve made several recipes from it. The food was great and I can’t wait to make more. I just treasure the “vintage” recipes; the taste is wonderful! The treasured family recipes handed down through the generations are the best though. Can’t wait to see what you cook for this challenge! Only 3 days away…. 🙂

  3. I too prefer a printed magazine, I used to get Taste of Home too! Actually, I had a hard time when moving overseas as I couldn’t bring them with me as they were just too expensive to ship, so I am slowly building my collection again. There is just something about those alluring covers that make me love to sit down with one in the afternoon with a cup of coffee and go through them. There are quite a few recipes I have yet to try too. You are absolutely right about the network cooking shows! By the time I purchase all the ingredients for one recipe, I could have bought a weeks worth of groceries! Those old magazines are almost like old friends…catching up with them is relaxing and enjoyable. 🙂

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