Create my Own or Follow Along?

Crochet Alongs (CAL) and Knit Alongs (KAL) are all the rage these days (along with all those ‘Temperature Blankets’ which seems like everyone is doing!).  With the world wide web and the ability to reach people everywhere, the connections to others with the same interests as you have become so easy.

Since I learned to crochet and knit I’ve become more aware of everything that is to be found on the web.  So many patterns (FREE!) and groups of people who have the same interests have drawn me to various sites with great enthusiasm.

Although my intentions were well meaning last year I just couldn’t keep up with two afghan CALs which I found online.  I even began one of them and started making some of the pieces for the afghan but it wasn’t long before life just took over and I stopped following along (I have those crocheted pieces somewhere among my yarn items!).  This month I’ve found a few which interest me and one that will begin next month which I would like to create.  I’m not buying any yarn for the project; just using what I have hidden in my rather large stash.  I don’t know how well I will be able to keep up with this project because it is making squares which must be joined together at the end.  I’m finding that doesn’t work so well for me.  I began making large granny squares a few years ago and still haven’t completed them for the afghan which I wanted to create.  Putting together granny squares for an afghan just seems overwhelming for me.  I love those crocheted and knitted one piece seamless projects which can be used once I get them off the hooks and needles.  Do you find that you enjoy those as well?

I started to think about creating my own ‘Chaotic Crochet Along’ for others to follow here on my site.  I want to do something different then what most others are doing.  Something easy and not too overwhelming but fun!  I recently started a Pentagon-shaped throw which is fun.  It is one piece which means that when it is completed I can use it immediately!  If I was a full time stay at home woman I probably would get those granny square projects completed but that isn’t the case for me.  I work full time (in a city 35 miles from home) and only get to enjoy my knitting and crocheting in the evenings/weekends and days off work.

Crochet certainly uses up more yarn than knitting does so it is a great stash-buster for you.  Would you enjoy something like that?  I know that so many other websites and groups have CALs and KALs so it’s a tough market to get into these days! (lol)

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping in and reading my rants!


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