A Cool Knitted/Crocheted-Creation Idea

I recently read this on the LionBrand website about a Temperature Blanket.

The idea is not new to me; I’ve read about this concept before, regarding a scarf, and I know someone who is currently making a blanket using the concept too.

I really think that it is a cool idea for a blanket and I just created a temperature chart which I could use for where I live in Pennsylvania:








Too bad I didn’t start this project on January 1st because due to the varied weather we’ve been having this calendar-year I’d have quite a colorful blanket.  Our temperatures have been on a crazy roller coaster and our summer is extremely hot and humid which is quite unusual for our area (I think this Winter may be very cold and snowy too).  There is no set time to begin such a project so I may begin it on the first day of Winter 2016 (December 21) and continue until the final day of Autumn 2017 (December 20) so that I create a seasonal-year blanket versus documenting a calendar-year.  And even if I am unable to knit/crochet each day I would document the temperatures which we have at our home (either choose the high or low for each day or choose to put colors in for both the high and low for that day; I would choose one of those to keep consistent throughout the project) and then I could add to the blanket when I have time.

As I ponder this idea and try to determine the colors to use I think I will choose much of what is found in a rainbow.

Here are my current choices on colors-

<0* [gray]

1*-32* [purple]

33*-50* [blue]

51*-74* [green]

75*-85* [yellow]

86*-99* [orange]

100*+ [red]

I can’t guarantee that I will even get to begin this project any time soon but a girl can daydream; can’t she??

 What are your ideas?


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