Saturday’s Sweet Surprise – Orange Coffeecake




I made this coffeecake last weekend and it is quite delicious!  

Perfect size for a small family too.

I reduced the temp to 375 and kept an eye on it; I was afraid that 400 was too hot.

Note: most vintage baking recipes will list shortening as an ingredient – use unsalted butter

In my kitchen Natural Salt is used for canning, cooking and baking.


2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Sweet Surprise – Orange Coffeecake

    • It is salt only, without other additives. If you look for kosher salt or canning salt you will see that salt is the only thing in the container.

      My iodized salt carton lists these ingredients: salt, calcium silicate (an anticaking agent), dextrose, potassium iodide. I think natural salt tastes better and it is better for human bodies without all that other stuff. 😊

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