Decaying Relationship

From afar I watch you struggle,

I am able to do nothing.

You suffer, cry, laugh, fight; but keep existing.

I know it will never be the same.

Empty promises, hopes and dream unfulfilled,

It was never the intent to be.

Resolutions on new paths in life are to be distinct,

They tear apart what was once so golden.

The tree will bear its fruit with positive assurance.

You see no further than yourself,

To know the torment that I contend with.

If only you would be honest with the truths and to me,

So that I won’t be deceived by you anymore.

The hurt and anger are cracking me,

Keeping me from seeking anew.

I want to discover a lifelong ally,

One who dreams like I do.

Are those lies you spew to keep me by your side?

You are holding me back from happiness,

Don’t you see?

I am trapped in your world and jaded by your empty promises,

And I desire to end this corroded intimacy.


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