I’m not buying into all the upgrades

I’m not the first person to jump at the newest gadget on the market.  I still love older, simpler and high quality items which will endure for many years even through hard use.  I’m “old school” in many ways and proud to be!  I am fortunate to have lived with the Greatest Generation and exposed to so many wonderful things.  It can be difficult though to find something so simple now.  I see the upsurge in people who want good quality handmade items and older items which can be found at Estate sales.  There is always that affirmation of long endurance from something vintage.

At times though we must replace a much needed item in our home/life and I get worried.  Not worried about the cost of the item because we do keep a rainy-day fund but I worry about choosing because there just seems to be too many options out there and yet it is difficult to find the one which I am looking for among the sea of plenty.

Recently we had to purchase a new washer.  Our previous one was the perfect simple washer for us but the drum rusted and pieces were flying around inside so there really wasn’t a way for my husband to fix it.  It was so difficult to find the one which we truly wanted.  We wanted another which was exactly like the one we had.  I was so disgusted with the reviews I read about the ones available in the home improvement stores and I told my husband that we should just ‘belt-up’ one of his International engines to a ringer-washer because that would do the job and it was so simple and yet so perfect in washing clothes.

“No, I don’t want a front loading leaking washer.”

“No, I don’t want one with all electronic buttons like a smart phone.”

“No, I don’t want one that locks when it starts the wash cycle because I know of someone who had one that wouldn’t unlock after the wash cycle.”

“No, I don’t want one that rinses with the same temperature water as the wash cycle (namely warm & hot).  I want only cold rinse for all wash cycles even if I used hot water to wash my husband’s greasy clothes.”

“No, I don’t want one without an agitator in the middle.  That is an essential mechanism to cleaning clothes; you do know that, right?”

“I want one with simple push and pull type knobs which I can open at anytime and insert clothes during any part of the washing cycle.”

There was only one option for us to buy among the sea of plenty and we had searched several stores.  My husband said that maybe we should’ve bought an extra one to keep on stand-by. 🙂  I live with a man who runs the tool room in a machine shop and plays with tractors, farm machinery and grease in his free-time.  I need a work-horse of a washing machine that agitates clothes to clean really well (in collaboration with detergent, of course).

Last year we had to replace our toilet.  It was in our home when we bought it 15 years ago and it was old and not flushing well anymore.  And yes, at some point toilets just don’t flush anymore to push everything down the pipes like they should.  We dreaded replacing it because in the sea of plenty we would be limited by the toilets which are now all about conserving water usage.  Isn’t the point of a commode to move things along down the pipes into the septic system?  What better substance to move along poo than water?  Don’t you agree?  More home owners are having problems with clogged pipes these days due to these water-conserving toilets because only a little water goes down the pipes and sometimes there is very little pressure behind that surge of water.  We did research online, read reviews of other buyers and watched videos of various toilets and the ‘sales-pitches’ they had and finally chose one which appeared to be the one we were searching for.  It uses the highest amount of water allowable in toilets these days and so far, so good.

When we began the search for our third vehicle a few years ago we were able to shop around.  Our two other vehicles which we both use to get to-and-from work were still running but the car was nearing 200,000 miles by that point (still running today at 211,000 + miles as I type!).  We decided on a vehicle and began looking around at various dealerships and had an idea of what we did and didn’t want.  We got to do a few test-drives which was nice too.  But at this one dealership, they were really pushy.  There was one there which we test drove and the two salesmen were trying to convince us that we had to have this one.  It has all the electronic extras in the package including blue-tooth (is that how it’s spelled?!) and something with programming the garage door opener to the vehicle along with so many other things that we don’t need or even want!  It hiked the price on the new vehicle up even higher and we didn’t want any of it.  Eventually we got out of there and we won’t be going back there again.  We did get one eventually which is just perfect for us and from another dealership (without all the extra add-ons which we don’t want).  What ever happened to a simple vehicle without all that electronic stuff?!  As my husband always says, the more electronic gizmos on a vehicle, the more that can and will fail and need to be repaired.  It’s not as easy to repair a newer vehicle as older ones due to all the electronic extras added on them these days.  I agree.  I can say the same about all of those fancy washers and dryers for sale too!

I’m glad we found a simple washer and a commode that has great flushing power as well as a third vehicle that isn’t all hopped-up on electronics!


3 thoughts on “I’m not buying into all the upgrades

  1. We have a 1929 house that still has the ORIGINAL green toilet and tub! Still works great and repairs consist of finding the right paper clip or related item to go in the tank and make adjustments to the ball & chain. Ball & chain replaced once in a blue moon. This is not one of the high on the wall tank, but a regular commode. I agree that the old appliances hold up much better. More buttons only mean more things to break down. I like a knob for turn ON, START and STOP. My son has the washer that locks–and I get very agitated at the amount of time it takes JUST go get one little load of clothes washing! Same for dryer. Mine is very simple and does great job.
    Maybe you can hint at what items you actually bought…..

    • Hello Solitude,

      We were able to buy another GE washer because they were the only company with a basic, but hardworking, washer. Many of the other “fancier” washers have wash cycles that are over an hour! I don’t want that.

      The chair height commode is American Standard. I like the height due to my back issues.

      Thank you for following and commenting!

  2. You’re correct in your assessment of the “sea of plenty”. I think part of the problem is too many choices. And more bells & whistles generally means more money. We all need to choose which things we want “bells” on and which we don’t. For instance I am perfectly happy with my 1951 Frigidaire stove, an appliance that I am sure makes my friend-the-caterer cringe as she has top-of-the-line, commercial fixtures in her home. (But mine has a cool light on top that runs rings around her stove!) On the other hand, my car absolutely had to have Bluetooth, a USB connection, and Microsoft Sync. These days it’s all about choices – high-tech or not! It’s all good. 🙂

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