Unique Discovery

One think which I really love about vintage cookbooks are the unexpected and quite unique features which are often found within those pages.  There are always tips and advice which wouldn’t be found in a present-day cookbook.  I think those are indicators of a simpler time of life and the mores of society.  When reading these things it is hard to imagine that they would be tolerable or even printable in today’s society.  I find no offense when reading these things but enjoyment and often find that they are useful tools to have in my arsenal.

Here is an example of one such unique discovery which I found in my ‘Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book.’


Here are “Short cuts to making work easy.”  I know this is referring to housework since many women in the 1950’s didn’t work outside of the home but who couldn’t use some of these tips today anyway?


And a rhyme to enjoy!


“Wear comfortable clothes and properly fitted shoes while working around the house.”

To be honest, you won’t find me wearing a dress and heels while cleaning the house. 🙂  But, I think many women may have done that in past.

In the “For personal outlook” block-I certainly don’t apply make-up, cologne and earrings before I eat breakfast! 🙂


In the “If you feel tired” block-I laugh when I read that one! :OP

The middle block advice is a great one though and we should all strive to follow that to help with our personal health.

In the “If you have just a moment” block-that’s funny too!


Been hearing about good posture since I was a child.

Alternate sitting and standing is always good for health and back.

“Check up on yourself” is sage advice; don’t you think?!

“Refresh your spirits” is a good one too.  

I don’t find it humorous when a cat is stuck in a tree though!

Well…some of that advice is good but some of it is just too funny to me too. 🙂  I still enjoy finding these types of things in vintage printings of the past.  It reminds me of a simpler time, in my opinion, and of a time which I really wish I could have truly experienced.


3 thoughts on “Unique Discovery

  1. I think I would have liked to live in these times, too. Things seemed so much simpler. Talking with some of my coworkers today, it seems today’s kids have to deal with heroin addiction and transgender bathrooms. Wonder if those problems will go away if you lie down on the floor with your hands above your head??

    • If only it was that simple to eradicate the problems of the world, Paige (I laughed when I read that last sentence). I’m glad I’m not the only person wishing for a simpler time in life. Everything goes in cycles so maybe someday soon it will all change & reset to some type of simple life. I’ll ponder that & maybe write something about such an event…

      • I don’t know, I think we’re spinning out of control here. Writing about it might be fun, though! Hopefully you have a little bit of the simple life there in rural PA….

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