Five Years

Today marks Five Years since my Mother’s passing.  I’ve been debating on what to write today in Memory and Honor of her.  I found this poem several years ago and placed it in the one memory book I created of her.  It makes me cry but it gives me Peace as well.  I will share this today.

Moms poemI also want to share a link back to a post I wrote in April of 2013.  It was about a Stranger whom I met in a Doctor’s office only two days prior to my Mother’s birthday.  I felt that I was to be there for that Woman in that moment to comfort her in some small way.  Please take the time to read that post as well.

Mom, I love and miss you but I know you’re in a much better place and I will see you again one day!  Hugs and kisses! xoxoxo


One thought on “Five Years

  1. This is a beautiful tribute even though I could not get through the entire poem. : / And I’m sure your 2013 story was what you thought it was – you were meant to be there for that woman. Don’t you wonder if she remembers that moment as vividly as you do? Sometimes I think those little connections that happen are what life is really all about. As for our loved ones who have passed, I’ve always had the feeling that they are not very far away. I’m sure your mom is looking over your shoulder today. : )

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