My BHG Collection

I do not remember cooking or baking much as a child.  My mother cooked for us and a baked item was a rare treat.  My grandmother, on the other hand, loved to bake a lot and we benefited from the goodies which came out of her kitchen.

As I got older and began dating the man whom I would eventually marry, my interest in cooking and baking took root inside me and became a hobby which I still enjoy today.  I began collecting recipes, books and magazines from everywhere and received cookbooks as gifts too.

In 1996, I was to be a bridesmaid in my (then) best friend’s wedding.  I decided to purchase kitchen goodies and a cookbook for her bridal shower gifts.  ‘What a great idea for a young bride and her husband to begin their journey in life together,’ I thought.  Also because I enjoy being in the kitchen and it is a necessity to eat, I wanted to give her those gifts.  I purchased a soft-cover Better Homes & Gardens cookbook which was updated for the 1990’s and the current edition for purchase.  I then just innocently began to look through that book and all the scrumptious recipes; a book which I didn’t own.  Yet.  At some point before that bridal shower, I decided to keep that cookbook and I didn’t give it to her.  That is a decision which I have never regretted.

So began my journey and love affair with the world of Better Homes & Gardens cookbooks, magazines and recipes.  A love which has endured all those years and still exists today.  That Better Homes & Gardens cookbook became my most favorite cookbook and it has shown its use.  It is falling apart but still my favorite.





Even the pricing sticker is still there!

It became my first BHG cookbook but certainly not the last.  I eventually inherited my grandmother’s vintage cookbooks and recipe card boxes and among all of that stuff was this special spiral bound BHG book.



I love the added bonus of information on the inside of the covers!


20160331_201319Funky kitchen, don’t ya think?!


More very important information which we can always use.

I have to admit my love affair with BHG is rather strong.  I have subscribed to their magazine for many years and have added more vintage editions of their cookbook to my ever-growing collection.

For Christmas one year, my husband gave me this very unique and rare edition.  I absolutely love it.  It has the Wartime Cooking Supplement which I’ve never seen before.  All of these new additions to my kitchen are pre-owned which gives them even more special character traits which I love.






I must be very careful with this one especially, because the pages are spiral-bound but tear away easily.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much moving of the book and they tear away from their spine; but otherwise it is in great condition!

And recently at a flea market I purchased these older versions “for a song,” practically.  The woman who was selling them said they belonged to her recently deceased mother-in-law who was quite old when she died.  They were planning to move into her home but needed to start purging and selling things.  The one book cost $.50 and when I asked about the other, she said $.75 since it was bigger. 🙂  I wasn’t going to argue with those prices.



This is for the one book but I can’t find a date in the other one; the pages must be missing.


It looks like the reviews are ‘Super’ & ‘Terrific’ on this particular cake!  What do you think?! 🙂



I just saw this recipe for the first time and they sound scrumptious!

I have compared editions and various recipes and it is cool to see the various changes through the years in the recipes; some have stayed while others just disappear.  It must be due to Homemakers’ requests and how families are eating through the decades.

I have borrowed newer BHG cookbooks from the local library but I don’t really care for any of them.  I love the older vintage ones with all that extra bonus stuff that’s included inside on the covers and the notes which previous owners include in their editions.  I will stay with my vintage collection of cookbooks and keep cooking and baking the way my mother and grandmother did.  Their food was the bomb!!

(By the way, the book holder which I used for these photos is a homemade cookbook stand which my hubby made for me!  I absolutely love it and it is rather large and very useful on the kitchen counter)!  🙂


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