Squirrely Wolverine

January and February found the Northeast United States under a lot of snow, ice and very cold (even record-setting) temperatures.

That always impacts our everyday lives; including driving and more importantly, the homeless and the animals.

We live in a rural area but haven’t had a Squirrel visit our bird feeders for food; until this past Winter.  He/She was unable to find food through all of the snow and ice which we had.   Wolverine found his way from the trees in the ‘holler’ to our yard and we happily obliged him by making sure there was enough food for him and all of the birds which visited.

Here is Squirrely Wolverine posing for the camera 😉



I love that he holds his little paws next to his chest as he sits and watches his surroundings.



I was happy (and fortunate) to catch him in action.


I was surprised to see that he dug a nice hole for himself and was getting the food below the top layer of snow.  He is so smart!

We named him Squirrely Wolverine because he arrived, the first time to our yard, the week which we watched the latest Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman.



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