A Metallic Magnolia


This is one of my favorite ‘Magnolia’ images from this past Spring.

A friend, and former co-worker of mine, just accepted a new position in another office/building.  I didn’t really know what to give her.

But I didn’t want her to forget me.  So I took this image, which was printed on metallic paper, and placed it in a beige matte and black wooden frame.  I signed, dated and titled my print and gave it to her as a gift.  She loves it!  She also said that everyone who has seen it is quite impressed.  I must say, if you have an opportunity to print an image on metallic professional photo paper, please do so.  This ‘Magnolia’ looked smashing!  (and she found a spot in her huge new office to hang it) 😉

(and i’m hoping to be able to get others interested in buying my photos)! 🙂


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