Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

When I think of home, and the beginnings of my life, I think of the first home, which is a farmstead, where I lived for the first nine years of my life.

I often think of that farm and how much I would love to move back.  I had an opportunity, in 2011, to go back to the farm and take photos.  The one place where I couldn’t go was into the home (but would love to return someday, even though it has been remodeled).  The landscape and buildings on the farm have changed much too, from what my memory conjurs of what it looked like as a 9 year old.

As I’ve gotten older, in recent years, I have longed for many people and places from my past. It was a good thing to walk around my former home and reconnect to memories of my past.

As Miranda Lambert’s song states~‘The House That Built Me,’ I truly can say that this farmhouse, and all of the events which occurred there, laid the foundation for who I am today.


IMG_1802.c.2011 IMG_1608.c.2011 IMG_1796.c.2011 IMG_1613.c.2011 IMG_1685.c.2011 IMG_1740.c.2011 IMG_1612


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