My Personal Card Challenge

I absolutely love paper crafts!  Ever since my friend introduced me to the world of scrapbooking, several years ago, I have gone ‘nuts’ on card making as well!  Currently, I have so many ‘scraps’ lying around from several years’ worth of card making.  I have made several hundred cards for friends, family and  If you enjoy card making, and a FANTASTIC cause, check out their website!

So, I’m challenging myself to use all of the scraps lying on my craft table, before I begin cutting into beautiful unused 12×12 sheets of cardstock and scrapbooking paper.  Believe me when I say that is a difficult thing for me to avoid!  I have so much paper and supplies in my craft room and on my table (including items I’ve kept to ‘upcycle’) that it can be overwhelming most days to sit down and even create a card.

But, this morning I have done just that!

I love looking through the clearance items/bins at Michael’s for anything unique and cheap!  Cheap doesn’t always mean that you will pick up bad or ugly items.  I picked up this cute stamp in the clearance bin last evening, and I absolutely love it!!  It is titled “Scenic Villa” and I immediately thought of Italy!  So, I wanted to create a card with this stamp and the colors of the Mediterranean.

What do you think?



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