Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

there are many people and family (including the furry ones) in my life I am thankful for.

i am also thankful for my home and food on my table each day.

i am immensely grateful for a woman who lives on the other side of this Earth in another country.

my mother told me, on our final trip together to her homeland, that she thinks of her best friend as her sister.  she was always so good to my mother in so many ways.

just too many to describe.

i love crafting and creating cards and her best friend/’sister’ loves butterflies and the color red.  i had made a red beaded bracelet for her several years ago.

so, this year, i created this Christmas card for her.

(Buon Natale=Merry Christmas

Auguri di Pace per il 2013=Peaceful Wishes for 2013)

Grazie, AnnaMaria, for all of your help, love and support to my Mother (and to us)~she loved you so very much~and we do too!


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