have we sacrificed our privacy?

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a recent comment from a guest to my blog on my post titled, “please allow me to photograph you” has made me think about something which we all should be concerned about.

especially if you are reading this right now.

you are certainly on the world wide web.

privacy has become something of great concern since the internet has taken the world by storm within the last 15-20 years.

facebook is a good example for me.

most everyone (excluding myself) can be found on facebook.  everyone and every organization seems to be there and looking for you to visit and ‘like’ them.

first of all, i treasure my privacy and only share photographs on this blog which don’t reveal too much about myself and/or my family.  anonymity can be wonderful (even on the web).  i am free to be myself and display my craft of photography to the world.  for others to view and enjoy, because i doubt everyone will fit into my abode to look at my photo albums~ 🙂

the next reason i stay away from a facebook account is because i just don’t have the time, nor do i want to spend all day, playing a game called farmville and/or seeing who is going to the bathroom at any given moment!  🙂  I grew up on a farm, raised animals and had to stand outside in the cold and freeze my ass off to help.  i don’t want to ‘pretend’ to ‘work’ any ‘farm’ on the internet and then pay for it too!   just doesn’t make sense.

and it seems like addiction to the internet, including addiction to facebook, can ruin relationships, marriages and families.  what ever happened in connecting with your family and friends around the kitchen table on a saturday evening and playing a board game?  i do enjoy game night.

does it really matter how many of your friends have ‘friended’ you (or whatevery you call it) on facebook?  what about an old-fashioned phone call or visiting in person?

when we were kids, we got together with friends and rode our bicycles all around town, to the library and local bakery and had fun in doing it.  also, we didn’t have a cell phone and our parents didn’t worry (too much) if we didn’t return for several hours or if it was dark outside when we did get home.  (boy, i sure miss those days!)

i realize that anything we post on the internet can be and will be viewed by many people.

but we all can have some fun and still keep our privacy; right?

(and in keeping with the theme of my blog, here are a few recent photos)~


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