i must admit that *bigfoot/sasquatch* has intrigued me ever since i first learned of this “legend.”

so much so, that i completed a research paper in high school about it.  of course, since then, so much has changed and some of the past stories/pictures of sightings have been proven to be false.

and everytime my camera provides an image to me like the one above,

i always point at the photo and say “bigfoot.” *insert a broad smile*

{just for the record; the above image contains a brown blur in the middle which is a whitetail deer} 🙂

i have no personal stories of ever catching a glimpse of this beast.

but….it leads me to wonder if any of you have ever seen the elusive creature or heard of any stories.

please share……

{i do enjoy a good “local legend” from time-to-time}



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