please allow me to photograph you!!

as a photographer who loves to capture moments in time which pass in a blink of the eye, there is one thing i absolutely hate.  it’s when people run away from me and my camera or say ‘don’t take my picture.’

how many times have you heard that?

children love the camera, it seems.  they are so anxious to have their photo taken.

and we are eager to capture them.



they’re another story.

i will admit that there are times when i can relate to that feeling of not wanting my photo captured.  but, rather, just stand behind that lens and capture the moments in front of me.

i love photography (much better than videography) and the fact that each image has frozen a moment in time which has passed.  and can never return.

the ones which i love the most are the images of my loved-ones.

i can say with 100% certainty that my mother never ran away from anyone’s camera.

for that, i am ever grateful.

she always ran to be in-front of the lens and gave her famous pose and smile.

i am so very grateful for each and every image that i have captured of her.  and the ones of us together are even more special.

i believe that candid photography is extraordinary in its own way.  and thanks to the invention of digital cameras and the lower investment costs in a good quality camera, we all can capture the special moments in our lives.

we all have bad hair days or feel that we must put on make-up for all of the images to look “just right.”

but, just enjoy the moment and smile.  those people who want to capture your moments, really do love you.  and they enjoy those moments with you.  allow them to jump-in to the image with you and just be yourself.

death is a certainty for us all.  when we have passed, each of the images that someone has possession of which shows you with your goofy pose, bed-head hair or perfect smile, will continue to keep them smiling.  and the memories associated with each image taken will last a lifetime.

please don’t run from my camera lens anymore.

i just want to capture your special moments.

for forever!


4 thoughts on “please allow me to photograph you!!

  1. Ironically, people are wary of cameras nowadays also due to digital photography–how the technology makes everything easy for everyone to upload and manipulate the photographs. I’ve been taking photographs since I was a kid and saw that the film-to-digital transition has also brought about a new set of attitudes and ethical dilemmas. I really love this entry. 🙂

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