cemetery walking

in recent years, i have been going to many cemeteries to visit, leave flowers and photograph my family.  for many visits, they are the first time since the day of the funeral.  for others, they are visits which i make often, as they are members who i knew well.  for some, they were the first time which i visited.  and yet, there were some family whom i never actually got to meet.  they passed away before i was born.

i call this ‘cemetery walking.’

i enjoy seeing the older, more interesting grave markers.  you never know what you might see when you walk cemeteries.  especially the older burial plots.

here is one which i came across.

it is interesting.

in truth, you won’t see anyone place one of these on their family plot anymore.


O Death why hast thou come

And borne my dear wife Susan home

Why am I called so to part

With one I loved with all my heart

Many years we lived together

But now were parted on earth for ever

I should not murmur or complain

In heaven I hope to meet her again

Bitter were the tears I shed

At my dear wife’s dying bed

For no one on earth can tell

How hard it is to say farewell


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