zombie apocalypse

with all of this talk and media attention on the upcoming

‘zombie apocalypse,’

i just have to join in.

you see, last evening we had no electricity for several hours.   this spanned a very wide radius (over 20 miles around) and noone has an answer.

there were sirens alarmed but we don’t know why.

it occurred to me, as we were sitting outside enjoying the evening (more light outside then in our home), that this was going to make great headlines as the apocalypse.

i even texted a friend, we joked about it and i said that she could come to our home to make ‘The (final) Stand’ (Mr. King gets the credit here, please).  We had built a fire to keep warm, as it grew darker, and i joked that we were using the fire to ‘lure-in’ the zombies.

Eventually, the electricity was restored.

it was fun for a little while.

i said that we would have to pack up to make the move and would have to purchase two more ‘pet taxis;’ however, he said that we’ll make our ‘Stand’ right here in our little corner of what’s left in this world.

to imagine how we were going to survive, led me to think of all of Hollywood’s interpretations of the apocalypse.  and i realized that we (human-kind) really don’t know what we’re going to do because we really don’t know what will happen.  our imaginations are great, but they don’t fathom what is truly unknown to us all.


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