christmas with mixed emotions

…well, that time of the year has arrived….

my christmas vacation.  i’m very excited to have several days off from work and the ability to spend my time as i wish (including sleeping late in the mornings).  it is also a sad time for me as well. 

one of my parents passed away earlier this year and this is the first christmas without.  i am happy for release from pain and infirmities; but sad for the separation by distance.  it’s exactly that which makes the passing of a loved one difficult.  i know though that one day we will see each other again; and it will be good.

spending christmas with Jesus is a good thing and we will be together one day in each other’s presence.  for now, i take peace and comfort from knowing that the pain on earth has ended.

Merry Christmas to you in God’s Heaven!  WE LOVE & MISS YOU!!!


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