New Views (part 3)

…..make peace with the past

….several months ago i went off track on my new views in life….making peace with the past has become an important one for me.  although it seems like things from my past still haunt me i am determined to keep them in the past. 

such sage and important advice.  it will keep you more sane and make the days ahead brighter.  i’ve had my share of negative events in my past 35+ years of life on this earth.  the present for me does hold disappointments too.  noone will go through life with a golden spoon in their mouth and “perfect days.”  if you think your life is bad, just watch the news to see and hear of others’ unpleasantries.  i’ve decided to forgive ones for my past ‘bad’ days and events which occurred to me.  i have found that i have peace within myself regarding those individuals and have learned that my life may not have been perfect growing up as a youth; but others have had far worse and they are survivors too (as evidenced in all of the history books that i have been reading; especially of world war ii).  

your past does define your character and inner soul. it makes you who you are today. what you do today will shape your tomorrows.


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