New Views (part 2)

don’t worry or complain (too much), especially if you can’t control it

well said.

it’s human nature to worry and complain.  it seems no matter how much we try to be conscience of those things, we will falter and do one or the other (or both). 

i’m disgusted with people around me (especially news programs) which only focus on the bad and horrible of the world (especially with great detail and speculation).  yes, to be fair, we need to be made aware of all that is happening; but constant barrages of the negative, especially in explicit ways, does not help society.  with technology advanced to today’s level, news is spread immediately around our Earth.  that only serves to make people worry more and complain more about things beyond their control.  what does that do to prosper individuals and society on a whole?  if you can’t control the matter at hand, let go and let someone who’s higher than you, and more in control of the matters of the universe, take care of it.  no matter what we want to have happen, it will only go the way it’s planned to be…..


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