New Views

for roughly the past four years, i’ve taken some new views on my life and the world around me.

1-less is more
2-don’t worry or complain (too much), especially if you can’t control it
3-make peace with the past
4-cherish those around you

why it has taken over thirty years to learn those simple, yet very important, philosophies, is beyond me.

(i’m going to spread these blog topics out over several days’ worth of posts.  please bear with me).

less is more

i’m beginning to find out something about myself.  i’m happier with less things. and by that, i mean, less tangible possessions.

many people would argue that holding onto many personal and tangible items is the key to happiness.  the youth of today certainly don’t appreciate the simple things in life.  they want more and more possessions, falsely believing that those things will make them happier and accepted by everyone around them.  you can even say that adults, who should know better, also fall into this web.

only the rich and famous aren’t as happy as you think.  they can be miserable people too and money along with other things aren’t everything there is to life.  every week, or every month, finds celebrities in bankruptcy and foreclosure on their homes (if you and i can live on a mere salary of less than $50,000 and keep the roof over our heads, what’s wrong with those rich ones?  apparently they fell asleep during the lesson on balancing your bank accounts!).  and many are headlining the news for all the wrong reasons; take mel gibson and charlie sheen, for example (enough said). 

remember, there are two certainties in life; death and taxes. 

and when you die, you can’t take anything with you…..


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